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In this first shipment of toy guns, we now stock the Barrett .50 Cal toy gun as well as Glocks, MTAR-21 (Tavor) and the Ň†korpion vz. 61 SMG. These are all new additions to our inventory and are available now on our online store.

More new toy guns are still to come as well as the resupply of previously stocked models. Stay tuned for more details.

Barrett .50 Cal Toy Rifle, Estimated RRP: $50

Glock Toy Pistol, Estimated RRP: $20

MTAR-21 Tavor Toy Rifle, Estimated RRP: $35

Skorpion VZ.61 Toy SMG, Estimated RRP: $25

*These are estimated prices only.

New Items in Store

Dummy P-MAG Magazines

We have recently seen and heard of people importing airsoft magazines which is illegal. There have been stories of warnings and fines from Australian Customs & Border Protection. To help with this issue we have provided a legal solution, DUMMY P-MAGs!!!!!! Our new supplier has provided us with dummy P-Mags for those who prefer the more tactical side of magazines. Most importantly, these are NOT airsoft magazines so they are absolutely legal everywhere.

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Supanova - Sydney 2015, at Sydney Olympic Park

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Sentry Gun inspired by Modern Warfare 2.

M40A3 Bolt-Action Rifle

A rebuild of our previous M27 IAR kit.

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