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For those who went to GC Nova instead of Ironfest this year, here's a quick rundown on what you missed out on.

Posted by MiliGear Australia on Monday, April 20, 2015

New Items in Store

Dummy P-MAG Magazines

We have recently seen and heard of people importing airsoft magazines which is illegal. There have been stories of warnings and fines from Australian Customs & Border Protection. To help with this issue we have provided a legal solution, DUMMY P-MAGs!!!!!! Our new supplier has provided us with dummy P-Mags for those who prefer the more tactical side of magazines. Most importantly, these are NOT airsoft magazines so they are absolutely legal everywhere.

Latest Event

Another year at Ironfest 2015. As seen, our stall was outfitted to fit in with the reenactors soldiers, APCs and tanks that surrounded us. We were short staffed frown emoticon which meant we didn't get to take a good look around. However we didn't miss the WW2 battle and it was intense. This year the WW2 reenactors brought everything. Pyrotechnics and thousands of blanks cartridges. You could hear the deafening boom and the shockwave coming from the Stuart Tank's main gun. The M2 HMG on full-auto also put a smile on everyone's faces.

Latest Projects

Sentry Gun

M40A3 Bolt-Action Rifle

A rebuild of our previous M27 IAR kit.

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