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Supanova, Sydney 2014 - Green Arrow & Deathstroke
MGA's attendance at Supanova, Sydney this year (2014) was a little different. Instead of our usual tactical/military loadouts we opt-ed for the popular TV series, Arrow. Dressed as the Arrow and Deathstroke (still tactical gear!!), we roamed the alleys of the Supanova grabbing photos and spreading the word of MGA. More importantly we got some photos with some of the cast members from the series. Awesome.

New Items in Store

Inert 7.62x51mm Ammo Belt

Inert ammo is now available individually or in links of 10. 

Available in:

-5.56x45mm (.233 REM)
-7.62x51mm (.308 WIN)

-12.7x99mm (.50 BMG)

.303 clips fitted with inert ex-mil rounds are also available. (Rounds dated 1968)


Our inert ammo consists of only projectiles, casings & links and is therefore legal in the state of NSW and do not require special storage requirements. For all other states, please contact your state's firearms registry.

For longer belts or bulk deals, email us.

Latest Custom Build

SR-16 E3

Base Model: Taidi M4

-URX 3.1 Handguard
-Free-Floating Steel Barrel

-Refined/Reinforced Buffer-tube

-Magpul CTR Stock

-4x ACOG

-URX Rail Accessories

Upcoming Project - Heckler & Koch 21E

This has been a project we've been wanting to do for a while. The reason we haven't gotten around to it is due to the lack of fixed stock MP5's (MP5A2). Recently we bought a pre-owned one and will start hacking it up soon. Features we are aiming for are a working charging handle, feedable rounds and a detachable muzzle/suppressor. To finish it off we'll attach a belt of NATO 7.62mm inert rounds to give it the LMG look.

HK21E Light Machine Gun

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